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A text book start for the HOTBIN

The Compost Woman, who knows an awful lot about composting, reviews the HOTBIN! And I’m pleased to announce she has had a text book start as she has already reached 60C!


She started with an very full HOTBIN having plenty of material available for her base layer.

The Compost Woman's base layer

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  1. Mixture of materials to put in bin, it needs air. it needs to be kept warm, it needs tnnirug every week ideally. new materials as often as possible. Pee on it often. (I jest not) With a rotating bin it is possible to make good compost in 8 weeks.

    • HOTBINcomposting

      Thanks. All composting is good.In HOTBIN no need to turn it. Also please do not pee on in your HOTBIN – if you want to learn why not and when it can work follow this link

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