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Allotment composting -views from hot bin composter users


Is it worth spending hard cash on a HOTBIN for your allotment?

Only you can determine this. But here’s what a few allotment users have said:

Gill / South Gosforth Allotments

“I’m delighted with the HOTBIN I’ve been trialling – it’s so easy to use, clean, never smells, works quickly looks attractive and now I know that the compost I’ve made contains very few weed seeds in it, which is a big bonus”.

Mary / Trimdon Community Allotment

“Even on the allotment site we can keep the temperature up to at least 40c. (After a little hiccup when we first started using the HOTBIN.) We have found that adding nettle tops of comfrey helps the decomposition process and keeps the temperature up. The number of worms in the bin is phenomenal and we wonder how they all get in. The compost will be ready for our spring planting”.

 Karin / Morpeth Allotments

“The advantages that I have found for using a HOTBIN on the allotment:

  1. Produces good quality compost that can be used on the garden quickly.  Several batches can be made each season which saves on buying commercial compost.  I mix garden waste with household waste so that everything is utilised.
  2. I tend to use the HOTBIN as well as having a conventional compost heap.  The main reason for this is that as I have trees and shrubs on the allotment all the bigger stuff goes on the heap and the smaller weeds go in the hot bin with the household waste.  If I had a shredder, it could all go into the HOTBIN.
  3. The quality of the compost produced in the HOTBIN is good and well broken down, therefore easy to spread on the garden”.

Kevin Dowding  Alnwick Gardens ‘Roots and Shoots’ team

“The HOTBIN is markedly faster and makes better compost than the dalek compost bins and definitely much improved on the pallet bins.  Having used the HOTBIN for coming up on one year I have had compost out of it on three occasions so far and the compost has been of high quality with no resulting weed growth where applied.  I’ve used it as an educational tool with visiting schools so they have seen the composting in action and hopefully have taken on board the messages and importance of good composting and garden waste recycling.

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