1. He said I will risk death I also have a lot of bruising on my legs and torso My question is was your new doctor aware of your condition and why your other doctor saw fit to keep you on Plavix?I hope you're still doing well What type of stents do you have in your Femoral Arteries?Three months

    We know that clopidogrel is beneficial in this setting. They never "caught" the spot bleeding but were fairly certain it was weaning off plavix they call an AVM basically a blood vessel that is close to the surface and got "nicked" somehow with me being on the Brilinta it had a hard time stopping.

    I haven't been back to this site to read my responses for almost a year now.

    More information Learn about the benefits and possible hazards of using clopidogrel from the U. Your platelet count returns to normal within 7 to 10 days. What Should Patients Do Now?

    I've been on Brilinta and aspirin daily since that date. I was able to get of high blood pressure medication 2 weeks ago and hopefully I'll be able to get off another medication weaning off plavix October. Lots of things took place since I posted my request here. Titled "Incidence of Death and Acute Myocardial Infarction Associated With Stopping Clopidogrel After Acute Coronary Syndrome", the study raises the possibility gabapentin treatment for fibromyalgia a "rebound effect" with clopidogrel which has major implications for the millions of patients currently taking the drug.

    The Carbidopa levodopa therapy of Patients' Observations An interesting background for the Denver VA study was that it began because of a single patient's story. I was able to get of high blood pressure medication 2 weeks ago and hopefully I'll be able to get off another medication in October.

    My platelet count is in weaning off plavix high range of normal and a blood clot of any kind could kill me.

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    Weaning off plavix

    It's a challenge trying to get the INR in the normal range, but I don't mind weaning off plavix I don't want to worry about blood clots forming again. He said I will risk death - nexium clopidogrel. I developed a fairly nasty lower GI bleed back in Feb.

    Theories were presented that medications in the drug-eluting stents may inhibit tissue growth too aggressively and thus delay the healing of the stented area, leaving it vulnerable to clotting. Thanks for your response nuska.

    All the research I've seen says that one year is pretty normal for healing time. It's a challenge trying to get the INR in the normal range, but I don't mind since I don't want to worry about blood clots forming again. It further bolsters the hypothesis of a potential rebound associated with weaning off plavix.

    I wanted to answer your post since I am truly happy you didn't suffer any serious side effects from going off from Plavix for 8 months.

    I couldn't wait to get off Plavix! You have to be you front line advocate for yourself and before blindly following a doctors order go through your medical information with a new doctor very carefully.

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    Well he suffered a stroke 2 months later and sits in a wheel chair for life. I was told by the new doctor which I have since released that I didn't need to be taking Plavix any longer and he never gave me an explanation nor did he instruct me to wean from this drug gradually.

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