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Can I compost tea bags?

Can I compost tea bags? There is something about this composting question – it keeps coming back –  it was on the Radio’s 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime today. Here is an answer that deserves reading our a cup of tea!

You may remember the HOTBIN composter featured on Simon’s Drivetime innovation slot back in February last year.

Toby Buckland (BBC gardening expert) gave Simon a quick summary of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ composting.

We were interested to hear Toby Buckland noted that some tea bags do not degrade because they have plastic fibres in so you should go for the more ‘expensive’ paper ones with strings.

HOTBIN composting checked composting out tea bags sometime ago. After checking several manufactuirng sites, we found most of the fibre used is paper. Some manufacturers add a small amount of polypropylene fibre to make the bags stronger and allow them to create a heat seal after the bag has been filled.  This appears to be a minuscule amount of PP fibre.

In cold composting the bags tend to present in the final compost. In the HOTBIN composter and hot composting they are degraded fast and usually completely within 3 months. Occasionally a bag will need to go through again – more so with the pyramid bags!

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