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Steamed up thermometer?

If you have got a steamed up thermometer, Here’s a quick and simple remedy:

Take it out of the HOTBIN – wash it under the tap to get rid of the compost. Dry with a kitchen towel. Turn it upside down and place on radiator (hot!) for 48 hours. (If you have youngsters maybe stick a cork over the pointy end as a precaution!).

WARNING:  under NO circumstance try and dry it out quickly using a hot air gun, hair dryer, oven etc. The unit is sealed and it has a glass face. The air/water will expand, explode and shatter the glass – we had a very lucky escape a few months back when we thought this might be a good idea!

Why do they get steamed up?

We tested a lot of thermometers many described as 100% waterproof and they all suffered in the 60C hot and steamy environment of HOTBIN.  We have worked hard with our manufacturer partner to try and get all the thermometers 100% steam proof – including adding extra o-ring seal and encasing the back with glue. We have got to the point where we either use a full “industrial grade” unit (which cost more than the HOTBIN itself!) or we accept a few will steam up over time.

You may have seen recently a few of our users are looking at digital thermometers and you can see our thoughts on this at the following post.

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