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Compost bin review Permaculture review HOTBIN composter

John Adams and Maddy Harland at the Permaculture Magazine review the HOTBIN compost bin. They loved it so much, they decided to add it to their green shopping supplement. Over the years I have tried most ways of making compost but I have never found one that really suited my requirements until Maddy showed ...

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A text book start for the HOTBIN

The Compost Woman, who knows an awful lot about composting, reviews the HOTBIN! And I’m pleased to announce she has had a text book start as she has already reached 60C! http://www.the-compostbin.com/2012/07/hotbin-trial-day-1.html She started with an very full HOTBIN having plenty of material available for her base layer.

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You can compost for nothing ( zero pounds / dollars) by piling your garden and food waste up in a corner. How do you decide whether to pay 20, 60, 185 or even 900 pounds (yes really!) for a compost bin? You ‘justify’ the cash by convincing yourself of the ...

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