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    When we pointed this out to one of the people working there, he said "Oh yeah, that happens from time to time since this is an old building and we're next to a field. I really liked all the burgers I tried, especially the Bacon Cheese Burger. But ew.

    A gigantic mason jar filled to the brim with lemonade and sweet tea vodka. But ew. Service was slow. I know the beer selection is always rotating and covers tastes that suit everyone.

    Burger sliders and Parmesan fries were amazing! Foods always tasty.

    Plan b simsbury ct
    We are paying customers The burger list is great At the top of your Opera window

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    So we are waiting 20 minutes for a table and when I asked why we couldn't be seated at one of the four open tables I was told it was because they didn't have enough menus and they were waiting for customers to give them back after they ordered

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    I thought that was very disrespectful and unprofessional I absolutely love this place The Deconstructed Cheese burger salad was my girlfriend's favorite

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    Bikes & Beers at Plan B in Simsbury (Oct 9th, 2011)

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    Our server was attentive. So I wanted to share some photos from my last stop here.


    Overall, I'm very disappointed and will not be visiting this location again! There are some key things that set this restaurant apart from other burger places.

    It was Kentucky derby day. At the top of your Chrome window, near the web address, click the green lock labeled Secure. I enjoyed Plan B on my recent visit.

    We moved to finish our meal by the bar. If there is a line, do not worry because their staff is efficient and friendly. I thought that was very disrespectful and unprofessional, not something a guest would like to overhear.

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    I had ethinyl estradiol cost of the best Sazeracs I've had outside of New Orleans here, definitely get one! When we pointed this out to one of the people working there, he said "Oh yeah, that happens from time to time since this is an old building and we're next to a field.

    If you are looking for an amazing burger, put this on your list. There are some key things that set this restaurant apart from other simsbury plan b places.

    Just want to give a shout out risperidone pronunciation our waitress Amandale who gave us great service.

    The last time we went I had the pastrami burger special, it was perfection. And of course, the best accompanying beverage to this burger and fries, a John Daly. We don't recognize the web browser you're currently using.

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    597 Jefferson Avenue or register with email.

    Copper Basin, NV 5195674 78L90, USA

    Tel.: (529) 834-9238


    If you would like to learn more: hhs. You are responsible for ensuring that you have complete peace of mind when buying products and services from The Hill.

    Safety information

    We will use this information and the combined information for the purposes set out above (depending on the types of information we receive). You are responsible for ensuring we have an up-to-date active and deliverable email address for you, and for periodically monitoring and reviewing any updates to the privacy policy. can you take two plan b pills in a week.

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    4 / 5 stars
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    4 / 5 stars
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    The atmosphere is great, the staff is friendly and it has a full liquor bar as well. I love both the fries and the tator tots and was given just enough of each, not too much and not too little.

    5 / 5 stars
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    Although the roll was fresh, he didn't care for the burger. Terrible customer service. It is right off of the bike trail trail making it an easy stop for lunch before I turn around going back up to Massachusetts, which is what I usually like to do.

    5 / 5 stars
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    There is a good grouping of different burgers and a daily special, and http://think-quick.com.au/acivir-pills-2471757/after-taking-plan-b-pill-bleeding. Great call by my awesome waitress!! I didn't bother bringing it to the server's attention and view it now.

    4 / 5 stars
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    Today, however, my son and I decided from the menu and it was lackluster. The only one I didn't like as much as the others was the stuffed burger or .

    5 / 5 stars
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