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Many of you will have heard on the news today that we throw half of all the food grown away. That equates to a staggering 2 billion tonnes of waste. This underlines  what WRAP and the LOVE FOOD hate waste report noted last year.  http://england.lovefoodhatewaste.com/content/about-food-waste-1

Composting is not the solution for this type of  food wastage but perhaps we should go from the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to add a U for USE it!

However home composting leftover food scraps and spoilt food is certainly beneficial, so keep recycling more in 2013 with your HOTBIN.

Half of all food ‘thrown away’
Published on Thursday 10 January 2013 12:42

As much as half of all the food produced in the world – two billion tonnes worth – ends up being thrown away, a new report has claimed.

The waste is caused by poor infrastructure and storage facilities, over-strict sell-by dates, “get-one-free” offers, and consumer fussiness, according to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Each year countries around the world produce some four billion tonnes of food. But between 30% and 50% of this total, amounting to 1.2 to 2 billion tonnes, never gets eaten, says the report Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not.

In the UK, up to 30% of vegetable crops are not harvested because their physical appearance fails to meet the exacting demands of consumers. Half the food purchased in Europe and the United States is thrown away after it is bought, the report adds.

Vast quantities of water are also wasted in global food production, it is claimed. The demand for water in food production could reach 10 to 13 trillion cubic metres a year by 2050, the institution said. This is up to 3.5 times greater than the total amount of fresh water used by humans today, raising the spectre of dangerous water shortages.

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  1. We are in the process of finxig our house so it never floods again (don’t even get me started) and in the process the workmen ran over our composter with their Backhoe. It’s a tragedy. But in setting up our new one we are never again going with the tumbling obnoxiousness (which never EVER worked properly) that we had and are instead following this model. Thank you so much for giving us such great advice!

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