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Compost bin review Permaculture review HOTBIN composter

John Adams and Maddy Harland at the Permaculture Magazine review the HOTBIN compost bin. They loved it so much, they decided to add it to their green shopping supplement. Over the years I have tried most ways of making compost but I have never found one that really suited my requirements until Maddy showed ...

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HOTBIN composting makes a difference

Waldringfield Community Composting scheme is successfully diverting food waste from landfill.  Last weekend we visited our friends at Waldringfield Community Composting to look at the results of the first 3 months of the HOTBIN use. Everyone was keen to learn how much food waste the 12 households had actually diverted from landfill. The results ...

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Why choose to HOT compost

HOT COMPOSTING MEANS YOU CAN ACTUALLY COMPOST ALL FOOD WASTE WHICH IS MUCH HARDER TO ACHIEVE IN COLD COMPOSTING BINS. Now we really do understand £185.00 is a lot for a household to pay for a HOTBIN. However when you look at the big picture there is certainly more than £185.00 worth ...

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How to start your HOTBIN in winter

PLUS HOW TO KEEP THE HOTBIN HOT IN WINTER From scientific angle, it is not that much harder to start the HOTBIN in winter than it is in summer. From a practical standpoint it is harder because; 1) there is less garden waste around to create the minimum 40 cm base ...

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Worms and HOTBIN composting

A QUESTION WE OFTEN GET ASKED IS; DO I NEED TO KEEP MY WORMERY NOW I HAVE A HOTBIN? The simple answer is no and the key benefit is that the HOTBIN can compost both food waste and garden waste. Therefore you can save space, reduce costs and still keep ...

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