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The HOTBIN is a new hot composting bin that lets you put all food & garden waste in.

Unfortunately 70% of household food waste is kept out of home composting bins because it generates odour, rats and flies. Which means it has to be collected and reprocessed (e.g. via a new AD plant) or sent to landfill. The HOTBIN allows you to break with tradition and start to recycle more food waste at home to keep it out of landfill.

Keen recyclers will be impressed by its environmental benefits; Gardeners will love the speed of the rich compost produced

The HOTBIN is made from a robust insulated engineering material to help defy Newton’s law of cooling. The unique design makes hot composting manageable by the average family in their own back yard. As the HOTBIN truly reduces heat loss you can achieve temperatures between 40-60C allowing you to recycle all food waste alongside your garden waste all year round to keep it out of landfill. Currently 80% of HOTBIN users report a significant positive increase in waste diversion and a decrease in waste destined for landfill.

Garden Organic was satisfied that because the HOTBIN’s temperature could be maintained it could provide significant sanitisation of waste that includes cooked food. They highlighted that during the trials there was little odour associated with the HOTBIN, virtually no flies and no problems with rodents, all major concerns when adding food waste to a compost bin.

You can compost all food waste including meat and fish, not just fruit and vegetable peelings and the clever design ensures there are no odours, flies or rats to worry about.

Bob – A keen gardener:
Uses his HOTBIN in the green house, he benefits from rich compost and a winter heater.

Nicola – A recycling fanatic:
Enjoys the benefits and rewards of effortlessly recycling all her food waste.

Caroline – A large garden:
Looks forward to great compost in just three months reducing the use of fertilizer and peat.

David – A software plc:
Uses the HOTBIN as part of an ongoing commitment to implement beneficial environmental policies.

Dave – A primary school: 
Teaches the next generation that recycling food waste is easy and fun. As the HOTBIN works faster the children see their rewards within a term.

Add in left over meals, plate scrapings, meat, fish, small bones and things like mouldy bread and cakes together with grass cuttings, autumn leaves and garden pruning to create rich compost all year round.

With a HOTBIN there are few rules, little fuss and less smell

You can recycle a whole lot more than just vegetable peeling allowing you to immediately reverse overnight how much waste you send to landfill.


  1. It is a fully insulated HOT composting bin that can be managed to achieve temperatures between 40-60C
  2. Operating at these temperatures you will produce a rich humeric compost in 90 days
  3. Hotter temperatures allow you can recycle more types of household waste including ALL food waste and grass cuttings
  4. You can put the HOTBIN anywhere in the garden in the sun or shade, although we advocate you put it somewhere handy to encourage your new recycling regime
  5. As the HOTBIN is made from a highly insulating material you can compost all year round including the winter months

You can simply put more in your HOTBIN.


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