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Compost bin review Permaculture review HOTBIN composter

John Adams and Maddy Harland at the Permaculture Magazine review the HOTBIN compost bin. They loved it so much, they decided to add it to their green shopping supplement. Over the years I have tried most ways of making compost but I have never found one that really suited my requirements until Maddy showed ...

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Worms and HOTBIN composting

A QUESTION WE OFTEN GET ASKED IS; DO I NEED TO KEEP MY WORMERY NOW I HAVE A HOTBIN? The simple answer is no and the key benefit is that the HOTBIN can compost both food waste and garden waste. Therefore you can save space, reduce costs and still keep ...

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Can you compost cigarette butts?

A number of composting advice sites indicate cigarette filters are made from synthetic plastics and do not decompose! We disagree – controlled hot Composting of cigarette butts is viable. Please read on to find out why!  Whether a material IS or IS NOT compostable (i.e. biodegradable) is a matter of ...

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A text book start for the HOTBIN

The Compost Woman, who knows an awful lot about composting, reviews the HOTBIN! And I’m pleased to announce she has had a text book start as she has already reached 60C! http://www.the-compostbin.com/2012/07/hotbin-trial-day-1.html She started with an very full HOTBIN having plenty of material available for her base layer.

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How to compost ALL food waste

Below we explain how to Compost ALL domestic food waste  (i.e. at home, in a garden, or via backyard composting). Why do we need this blog? Surely food waste is just like other waste for composting – we just add it to the compost heap and it breaks down? What’s ...

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The HOTBIN composting the whole takeaway!

COMPOSTING ‘VEGWARE’ ™ & BIODEGRADABLE BAGS AND CONTAINERS IN THE HOTBIN The HOTBIN was developed to compost all food, garden and grass in the home and garden. We were contacted by Lucy Frankel at the foodwastenetwork.org.uk who is building a food waste network www.foodwastenetwork.org.uk to help commercial business do more to divert ...

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