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Can I compost tea bags?

Can I compost tea bags? There is something about this composting question – it keeps coming back –  it was on the Radio’s 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime today. Here is an answer that deserves reading our a cup of tea! You may remember the HOTBIN composter featured on Simon’s Drivetime ...

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Many of you will have heard on the news today that we throw half of all the food grown away. That equates to a staggering 2 billion tonnes of waste. This underlines  what WRAP and the LOVE FOOD hate waste report noted last year.  http://england.lovefoodhatewaste.com/content/about-food-waste-1 Composting is not the solution ...

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Why choose to HOT compost

HOT COMPOSTING MEANS YOU CAN ACTUALLY COMPOST ALL FOOD WASTE WHICH IS MUCH HARDER TO ACHIEVE IN COLD COMPOSTING BINS. Now we really do understand £185.00 is a lot for a household to pay for a HOTBIN. However when you look at the big picture there is certainly more than £185.00 worth ...

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Can I add urine to my HOTBIN? We agree urine  works well for cold composting, but it is not good in the HOTBIN. This is due to the nature of removing excess water during the hot composting process. Many gardening and composting sites recommend adding urine onto compost heaps to ...

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