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Why choose to HOT compost

HOT COMPOSTING MEANS YOU CAN ACTUALLY COMPOST ALL FOOD WASTE WHICH IS MUCH HARDER TO ACHIEVE IN COLD COMPOSTING BINS. Now we really do understand £185.00 is a lot for a household to pay for a HOTBIN. However when you look at the big picture there is certainly more than £185.00 worth ...

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Preventing a wet HOTBIN

HOW AND WHY DO I USE CORRUGATED CARDBOARD AND SHREDDED PAPER IN THE HOTBIN? Dry corrugated cardboard and shredded paper is easy for composting bacteria to digest (see table below). Because they are also very ‘dry’, i.e. have very low water content (typically less than 5% water), they are the ...

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Worms and HOTBIN composting

A QUESTION WE OFTEN GET ASKED IS; DO I NEED TO KEEP MY WORMERY NOW I HAVE A HOTBIN? The simple answer is no and the key benefit is that the HOTBIN can compost both food waste and garden waste. Therefore you can save space, reduce costs and still keep ...

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Can you compost cigarette butts?

A number of composting advice sites indicate cigarette filters are made from synthetic plastics and do not decompose! We disagree – controlled hot Composting of cigarette butts is viable. Please read on to find out why!  Whether a material IS or IS NOT compostable (i.e. biodegradable) is a matter of ...

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A text book start for the HOTBIN

The Compost Woman, who knows an awful lot about composting, reviews the HOTBIN! And I’m pleased to announce she has had a text book start as she has already reached 60C! http://www.the-compostbin.com/2012/07/hotbin-trial-day-1.html She started with an very full HOTBIN having plenty of material available for her base layer.

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